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Meet the Captain Transforming the Miami Yacht Rental Industry 2 min read

Captains are begging Miami visitors to book their yacht charters with him. Discover the secret behind the highest-rated yacht charter company in South Florida. 2 min read

Daniel Smith

by Daniel Smith | Miami, FL
at 6:48 AM

Daniel Smith

by Daniel Smith | Miami, FL
at 6:48 AM

Captain Richard Clarkson has been sailing the world and creating successful businesses since college.

He now leads Luxury Life Charters, the fastest growing boating charter company in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This is the story of how he turned his passion for boating into a successful business.

Growing up around boat and yacht rentals Captain Richard had always had an attraction to satisfying and providing happiness of all those around him.

However, he noticed that despite the increasing popularity of boat rentals in South Florida, there was a lack of quality service that fulfilled his vision.

Captain Richard saw the need for an URGENT change in the industry. Let's be honest, no one likes having their boat rental canceled last minute or arriving at a boat that looks completely different from the one in the pictures.

If you or someone you know have rented a boat in South Florida, you exactly know what Captain Richard is talking about.

This frustration was the driving force behind Captain Richard's decision to establish Luxury Life Charters. The yacht charter company that's crushing the market in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Yacht Party

The Experience: If you're looking to enjoy a day on the water with friends and family, with a company that cares about customer service, look no further than Luxury Life Charters.

Their highly trained team of captains are dedicated to ensuring that every moment of your time on the water is as enjoyable as possible.

With a fleet of over 35 yachts, these are their most popular options.

Beneteau MC6

Beneteau MC6: Step aboard the luxurious MC6 and enjoy a fun and comfortable adventure at sea.

This yacht will exceed your expectations, whether you're planning a party or a relaxed day with family.

Beneteau GT40

Beneteau GT40: This yacht is designed for entertainment.

With its retractable roof, spacious cabin, dining area, and outdoor grill, you will have everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing day under the sun.

40 Fjord OPEN

40 Fjord OPEN: When it comes to a high-end yacht, the Fjord fits the script perfectly.

Whether you're looking to sail peacefully or throw a party, this boat has everything you need for a memorable experience.

Intrepid 34

Intrepid 34: The Intrepid is the perfect boat to enjoy with friends and family.

Whether you're relaxing on the sandbar, cruising through the Miami bay, or taking a refreshing dip, it's the ideal choice for any water activity!

Is renting a yacht expensive? The answer may surprise you.

Contrary to popular belief, yacht rental is not just for the wealthy elite. Captain Richard debunks this myth.

“This is not true. Renting a yacht is much cheaper than you think,” says the Captain. “For less than $137.99 per person, you can enjoy one of our yachts, which have a retail price of over 1 million dollars."

When you consider it, the cost of renting a yacht can be lower than a night out, a round of golf, or a concert ticket.

It's amazing to think that yachts of this size are now available at such affordable prices - a rarity in the past.


What happens in the event of severe weather?

In the event of severe weather, Luxury Life Charters is the only charter company in South Florida that offers A 100% Money Back Guarantee…NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If sailing is not possible due to bad weather conditions, you'll receive a full refund on the same day without having to provide further explanation.

More than 3,000 satisfied clients can't be wrong.

Read what some of the people who have already booked a yacht with Luxury Life Charters have to say:

“We chartered the 55’ Azimut and had a great family day out with Captain Richard and the crew. Kids had a blast jumping off the boat into the water and swimming. Even saw a dolphin mama with a baby. Highly recommended. Will definitely book again.”

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Alex R.

Verified User

5 out of 5 stars

“By far the best boat rental service in Miami, Luxury Life Charters went above and beyond to meet the expectations, we had a fun day on the water! The communication, organization and professionalism were first class - not to mention the crew onboard our yacht!  I can’t wait to book my next trip.”

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Andrea C.

Verified User

5 out of 5 stars

“The decision to celebrate my 40th birthday with Luxury Life Charters was the BEST choice I made! Every aspect was simply PERFECT! We had a DJ, a private chef, and our own bartender all on board. The best part? Luxury Life Charters took care of organizing everything for us. I can't wait to book another charter with them again.”

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Kathy L.

Verified User

5 out of 5 stars

If you're planning a trip to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, don't miss the opportunity to experience the city in a unique way.

Trust me, it will be an adventure that you and your loved ones will remember forever.

Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Select the city where you want to charter your boat.

Step 2: After answering a few short questions, you will have the opportunity to secure your yacht reservation.

Their Newest Arrival: FJORD 40 OPEN


Their Newest Arrival: FJORD 40 OPEN

  • 12 passengers + Crew
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower & Outdoor kitchen
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